Agriculture overview


General knowledge

Kelmė district has a total area of ​​170530 ha, of which 94628 ha are agricultural land. Forests grow at an area of ​​42654 ha. The area has drained 70965 ha of land. The Register of Agriculture and Rural Business registers 5786 persons. 2014 agricultural land and crops were declared by 4577 farmers. 3187 farmers are registered in farms on a farmer's farm. Mixed predominantly semi-natural farms producing self-production are predominant in the district. Recent trends show that farmers' farms are growing. There are 2 agricultural companies in the district, 4 cooperatives, 6 private limited liability companies.

Crop production

The total declared area amounts to 84.63 thousand ha. About 40 percent all crops consist of cereal crops. The main cultivation is winter wheat - 9940 ha, barley - 7567 ha, triticale - 2554 ha. Summer and winter rape - 4573 ha. About 46 percent the area declared covers meadows and pastures - 39044 ha.

Livestock farming

Kelmė district is one of the largest dairy producing regions in Lithuania. 2594 cattle keep 12887 cows. The largest cows herds are held by Ludvigas Janušauskas, UAB Šimšės, Henrikas Minelgas, Juozas Spudžis, Albertas Brazas.

The closed joint-stock company „Žemaira", „Margonika", „Rineka", „Linolis" are engaged in meat processing. Farmer Algimantas Vaupas sells vegetables not only in Lithuania, but also in the foreign market. The largest number of families in the districtare Alvydas Meliešius from Vaiguva district, Arvydas Maziukas, Eugenijus Pelenis from Tytuvėnai.