Akmenų rūža cognative path


Stones Rouge (Akmenų rūža) cognitive path 

Stones rouge (otherwise known as Tučkinė) impressive in length - even terraces slope stretches 1.65 km. This track formed before the 10-14 thousand years, the melting of ice in the final stage. To the east of glacial lakes in the rocks Strip Lake, and the west side of Glacier resoluble holed up, the former lake.  Dammed lake on the spot now brick patios, and its slope coincides with stone stretch. Stones density places reaches up to 30 boulders 16 square (4x4 m) meters. Strip ends sandy footnotes cone. 

Trail located near the village Kiaunoriai, near the road Tytuvėnai - Siauliai. Stones Rouge cognitive path length of about 1.3 km. 

Trip time is about 1 hour. We suggest cycling or walking.