Gilius lake cognative path and Nordic walking trail


Gilius lake cognative path and Nordic walking trail


Gilius lake - one of the four major lakes surrounding Tytuvėnai city, distinguished by its special color and a large variety of flora and fauna. The lake area of ​​36 ha and the deepest place is even 23,10 meters. Legend has it that the lake and the sound of the rushing whirlwind forest grew on here ...

Water green tint accentuates the lake environment reflection in the water and in the depths of the green algae. Lake formed before 10-14 thousand. years, the melting of glaciers. The current location of the lake occur uncombined massive block of ice, which over time has been loaded with earth and finally melted completely only warmer climate. Melted glacier water and ice formed remained hollow.

With Gilius lake natural riches acquainted traveling 3.3 km long trail that leads constantly changing lake shore. Travel time - about 2 hours. Briefly invite rest comfortably equipped Gilius lake beaches and breathing space. Whatever trail, learn more about the flora and fauna of the lake will help to install a variety of information stands. Gilius lake study trail is about 3.3 km.

Trip time is about 2 hours We suggest cycling or walking.