Bicycling around Tytuvėnai


Bicycling around Tytuvėnai


It is 13.5 km long circular route, connecting the most interesting Tytuvėnai the cultural and natural objects and the most beautiful landscapes. Route duration - about 4 hours. Route starts on Miško (Forest )Street. The track consists of two rings surrounding Bridvaišis and Gilius lakes. They are connected by 2 km section running through Tytuvėnai city. Later on track for centuries calculating pine forest Tytuvėnai turns toward the city.

Tytuvėnai city bike trail winds through the city streets. It meets Christ the Savior's Chapel - the mausoleum. A longer period of time will stop the impressive church and monastery and pagan hill, today known as St. George Hill.

The second track ring extends around the picturesque lake Bridvaišis. The side remains to  small Varlinis lake. Circuit short breaks away from the lake and winds to Kokmaniškė hill, where from 15 m high tower offers spectacular surrounding landscape. Then the bike trail goes back to the lake, where stands the centuries counting Bridvaišis mound. From the peaks you can admire the deepest and most beautiful park lake - Bridvaišis. The bicycle tracks in the ring for a longer vacation stays Bridvaišis „Sedula" Lake campsite and a recreation center.

Travel takes about 14 km. Trip time is about 3 hours. We suggest cycling or walking.