The path of the creator...


The path of the creator...


P.Višinskis Memorial Homestead -Museum in Ušnėnai is founded in Povilas Višinskis (1875-1906) native house in 1960. Museum opened, equipped with a memorial exhibition; it is reflected and lived in the neighborhood writer Žemaitė (1845-1921) life and creative path. Užventis regional museum founded in 1965 and from 1973 the exhibition moved to the renovated barn of the manor Užventis. In Manor 1887-1898 lived writer Marija Peškauskaitė-Šatrijos Ragana. Later mansion owned by Lithuanian Independence Act signatory Jonas Smilgevičius (1870-1942). The museum exposition prepared and tells the story of these famous people, as well as the material of Užventis history of the town. 

Kražiai Matthew Casimir Sarbievijus Cultural Center in 1614-1844. Kražiai acted Jesuit College, one of the most important educational institutions in Lithuania. Here lived and worked famous writers and poets: Motiejus Kazimieras Sarbievijus, Dionizas Poška, Mikalojus Daukša, bishop Motiejus Valančius, Simonas Stanevičius, Jonas and Antanas Juškos and many others. Sole survivor of Bursa, a former dormitory, the building was founded M. K. Sarbievijus cultural center. 

Žalpiai etnographic museum founded in 2006, its expositions were dedicated to the first translator of Homer „Odyssey" and „Iliad" Jeronimas Ralys (1876-1921), the organ master and the first maker of sailplane in Lithuania, Jonas Garalevičius (1871-1943), and member of the Lithuanian Steering Committee, public Actor Kazimieras Ralys (1885-1958).   

Monument Bronius Laucevičius -Vargšas stand Kelmė at Friendship Park approaches to the existing old mill building and Kražantės river dam, stands a bright memorable folk sculptor J. Liaudanskio carved monument playwrights, novelists Bronius Laucevičius-poor. Kelmė decorated with more of this author's sculptures. His honor Kelme organized symposiums stonemasons - stone sculptures, the artist was inspired by life, like pearls scattered around the city streets. 

Palendriai Holy Gates of Dawn Virgin Mary public oratory It is a monolithic one tower was abandoned church, consecrated in 1938. The prayer service in the church stopped. Church  was built by the priest Kazimieras Ambrozaitis. The side door of the church in degraded tombstone is decorated with carved here buried in the developer's name, years of life (1858-1947) and the words: "Departed being poor in America, I stayed there for 30 years returned to Lithuania and built themselves a monument to the church."

Šaukėnai regional museum founded in 1999. The exhibition presents the history of the town and famous people lived here. The exhibition of the artist V. Zalensienė works of art, interesting Folk and folk art exhibits, prepared landowner exposure, constantly exhibitions.

The journey takes about 140 km. Trip time is about 8 hours. We suggest traveling by car.