Kelmė region in one day


Kelmė region in one day 


  • The Blessed Virgin Mary's Church and Bernardine monastery famous arcades, private yard, ancient buildings, the original from the 17-18 century monument not only in Lithuania, but also in the North-East in the context of European art;
  • The Chapel of the Christ Savior, Mausoleum; 
  • Bridvaišis mound is located on the land of Samogitian tribes, on the northern shore of Lake Bridvicius, on the former lake of the lake. The observation tower provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the views of the surroundings from the Kokmaniškė Hill, to observe the birds; 
  • Gilius lake cognitive trail - great relaxation and the ability to walk to admire the picturesque lake, according to legend, in ancient times the forest grew here, nature;
  • Forest Museum - exhibiting nesting boxes, wood carvings, nests stuffed animals and birds. 


St. Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddeus Church complex - the church was built in 1768, as a valuable Lithuanian wooden Baroque monument.


  • Kelmė manor - one of the oldest and most interesting estates ensembles Lowlands and one of the few surviving baroque mansions Lithuania. 
  • Neo-Gothic St.Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church in Kelmė, pastor Peter Janušauskas care built in 1908. (In the same year it was consecrated). 1910-1914 m. were Lithuanian Catholic Temperance Society Division.


  • Blessed Immaculate Conception Church - brick two towers of the late baroque Benedictine convent built church dominates the skyline of the town; it dates back to the carnage Kražiai events;
  • College - is one of the most important educational and scientific centers in Lithuania Jesuit acted 1614-1844 m., Now located here Mathias Casimir Sarbievijus cultural center.


  • Užventis manor - manor linked with famous writer Šatrijos Ragana, the Swedish King Charles XII, Independence Act signatory J. Smilgevičius names; 
  • The mill still remind here the writer lived and created writer Šatrijos Ragana; Now here located spa complex. Here can spend a wonderful time; 
  • Ethnographic Museum is located in a restored old barn Užventis manor, in this mansion ten years lived young writer Šatrijos Ragana; 
  • P.Višinskis native house is equipped with a memorial exhibition, which is reflected in the neighborhood lived Žemaitės writer's life and creative path. 


Travel takes about 90 km. Trip time is about 8 hours. We suggest traveling by car.