Pilgrimage road


Pilgrimage road 

Tytuvėnai. Blessed Virgin Mary's Church and Bernardine monastery famous arcades, private yard, old buildings, the original from 17-18 century. Monument is very important not only in Lithuania, but also in the North-East European art context. 

Lioliai. St. Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddeus Church - the church was built in 1768, as a valuable Lithuanian wooden Baroque monument. 

Kelmė. Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church - the twentieth century beginning of the neo-Gothic style building, although the first church built in the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas care in 1416; Evangelical Reformed Church, built in 1615. Samogitian elder Jurgis Gruževskis funds, is one of the most beautiful surviving Lithuania mixed Gothic and Renaissance buildings. 

Palendriai. Palendriai Holy Gate of the Blessed Virgin is a monolithic monolithic church, consecrated in 1938, by the deceased bishop of the builder, Fr. Kazimieras Ambrozaitis's name and year of life (1859-1947); St Benedictine Monastery - French monks from Solesmes are located among the prominent hills on the edge of the Vainagiai forest.

Šaukėnai. Holy Trinity Church - a bell tower and a fence with impressive Baroque gates of the churchyard - the sacramental complex of Šaukėnai, the church was mentioned in the 15th century. The prisoner St The Church of Mary Magdalene, which leads to the emergence of peace, is supposed to be built in the 16th century. 

Vaiguva. St. The Church of John the Baptist, made in 1719, is interesting in the form of folk architecture, a wooden bell tower and a chapel. 

Kražiai. The Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception Church is a brick-dome of the late Baroque style of the Benedictine-dominated church dominating the city's panorama; church is worried about Kražiai carcasses; The College is one of the most important educational and Jesuit centers of science in Lithuania, which operated in 1614-1844, now it is the cultural center of M. Sarbievius.

Travel takes about 130 km. Trip time is about 8 hours. We suggest traveling by car.