Nature and cognitive path


Nature and cognitive path 

Tytuvėnai Regional Park is a lake landscape of swamps, values of cultural heritage, preserves and protected objects. Gilius lake cognitive trail is an excellent recreation on foot and the opportunity to enjoy the  nature of the lake, according to legend, ancient weather and the forest that has fallen here; Bridvaišis mound is located on the land of Samogitian tribes, on the northern shore of Lake Bridvišis, on the former lake of the lake; The observation tower provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the views of the surroundings from the Kokmaniškės Hill and watch the birds.

Forest Museum - here are bird cherries, wood carvings, bird sockets, forest beasts and bird carcasses. 

Stones stretch (stone Rouge). Stone  stretch (otherwise known as Tučkinės) impressive in length - even terraces slope stretches 1.65 km. This track formed before the 10-14 thousand years, the melting of ice in the final stage. To the east of glacial lakes in the rocks Strip Lake, and the west  the former lake. Dammed lake on the spot now brick patios, and its slope coincides with stone stretch.

Tytuvėnai vicinity of one of the most beautiful outcrops: Gryžuva river escarpment near Kubiliiai mound. 

Kukečiai: Burbaičiai mound. According to the legend, the giant was buried in ancient times; the church that once stood in was sensed here. 

Šaukėnai: Svilė sources gushing 1.8 hectares, is the largest Lithuania, where the earth passes through the source of a hundred eyes. 

Pustlaukis pit - thermokarst origin ravine, a natural heritage site. Deep drop-shaped pit, whose slopes reaches 13 meters in height, inclination of 30-40 degrees. In the southern and eastern slopes formed a bright terrace, while the north end - duct (narrowing). Pustlaukis pit late Ice Age glacier move amazing from the edge of the drop and upright slipstream flow of water.

Užventis: St. Martin pine - a spectacular 16 m high and 320 cm-scale tree. A place of growth has long been considered sacred. The mill still remind here the writer Šatrijos Ragana lived and created in tents witch. Now here located SPA complex can be a good time. Užventis Ethnographic Museum is located in a restored old mansion Užventis barn. 

Pakražančio eldership: Kriaučiaus stone – one of bigest stone in Lithuania. This stone is a third by size in Lithuania.

Travel takes about 150 km. Trip time is about 10 hours. We suggest traveling by car.