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The district of Kelmė is famous for its cultural heritage (over 400 cultural monuments) and also well-known people. In the district history, a deep mark was left by writers P. Višinskis, M. Pečkauskaitė-Šatrijos Ragana, J. Žymantienė-Žemaitė, Motiejus Kazimieras Sarbievijus, educators V. Pūtvis-Putvinskis, J. Vadeikis and others.

Every year, the events organized by the district cultural institutions are visited over 120 thousand of visitors, including 37 thousand of children and young people.

There are 133 amateur artistic groups uniting over 1 350 musicians, singers and dancers in the district. 700 out of them belong to the young generation.

The district has over 70 folk artists who exhibit their works in the diverse folk art exhibitions.

Every year in the middle of July admirers of ethnic culture from all districts of Lithuania come to Kelmė. Courses of folk handicraft and ethnic music are organized here. Students are taught not only to sing, play different old musical instruments, dance, but also to play Kankles (the old Lithuanian musical instrument), weave motley sashes, weave from straw and thin withes, carve wood, proficiently sew and cut out clothes patterns.

Every second year, the camps for stonecutters are organized dedicated to famous stonecutter J. Liaudanskis. The town of Kelmė is embellished with their sculptures.

These traditional events are organized on a yearly basis: folk art festival, Tytuvėnai summer festival, national festival „Linas", week for study of Gregorian choral and church tradition „Ad Fontes", international theatre festival „Kelmės scena", county choir festival (every second year), art and sports festival „Venta, Venta, Venta - tu žemaičiui šventa", countryside folk group and folklore group festival „Graži mūsų šeimynėlė", folk music festival „Stasinės", romance music festival „Rudens romansas", vocal music festival „Daina - sielos sparnai", humour festival „Vištos koja", etc.

Students are also acquainted with customs and traditions of Žemaičiai; Kelmė is also famous for its Small Theatre, which won the sympathy of spectators not only in Lithuania, but in foreign countries, as well.

Literary awards of Žemaitė and R. Biržinytė are granted within the district. The district has litterateurs' club „Vieversys"and litterateurs' and folk artists'club of Tytuvėnai land „Austėja". Every year festivals for men of letters are organized, such as „Poezijos pavasarėlis", „Poezija - tai kelias iš vienos širdies į kitą".