Juodlė lake cognative path


Juodlė lake cognative path


It is 4.5 km long educational trail around the lake Juodlė. It marked 12 stops. Whether from one to another acquainted with the landscape, typical park forests, woodland key habitats, wetlands, rare species of plants, fungi and animals. The trail equipped with information stands, reviews towers.

Juodlė lake leaving 10 thousand year around between Šaukėnai  and Užventis dissolved glacier lagoon. Subsequently, the water eroding through Vainagiai-Raudsparnė ridges and leaked Venta-Dubysa. Bottom left plain with small streams and lakes.

Juodlė lake refreshing ice-free after application and springy stream. In the southern part of the lake joins several other sources of shorter rivers. Lake pretty fishy - after the winter ice pike can be caught in the spring and summer, biting rope, mullet, red. According to a variety of birds is the richest  in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park lake. Transition and breeding time here can be observed around 30 species of birds. Juodlė Mountain - the last stop of the study path. Since its opening expressive landscape: forested hills, reeds lake shore houses. At  Juodlė lake can rest - swimming, fishing.

The length of the cognitive trail of the Lake Juodlė is about 4.5 km. Trip time is about 2 hours.  We suggest cycling or walking.