Water tourism in Dubysa river


Water tourism in Dubysa river

Dubysa - one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania and the most popular water tourism routes. Dubysa river winds of 65 km. Dubysa water tourist trail (length - 35 km) is equipped in 2010 with Raseiniai district municipal administration together with its partners - Kelmė district municipal administration and Dubysa regional park within the project ,, Dubysos natural resources for tourism development Raseiniai and Kelmė areas".

DubysaValley is one of the picturesque river valley erosive examples of Lithuania. Medium rapids for hiking buddies and family tourism. Route at the beginning and at the end of the campground equipped with gazebos, etc. infrastructure. The track built in the information index. The track located in campgrounds and resorts convenient to start or end the trip down the river: Leks Dubysa shores, good access, car park. Water tourists campgrounds indicate special characters. 

The route starts in Maironiai village Kelmės district municipality, LKS coordinates 441643, 6162194 WGS coordinates 55.591109, 23.074233 and route End at Padubysis village, Raseiniai district municipality LKS coordinates 452181, 6140901 WGS coordinates 55.400974, 23.245054 

The route can be changed according to the wishes of travelers. You can stop and get off the resorts, attractions.

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